School Readiness Program

For children aged between 3-6 years of age we have an experienced and qualified Early Childhood Education Teacher who has a focus on School Readiness, whilst still programming for individual interests and abilities.

Growin Early Education Centres aim to provide the Kindy children with all the skills they will need to be prepared and confident to make the transition into Primary School.

We also program specific school readiness activities based on literacy, numeracy, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and social skills development.

This program is based on the children’s interests, strengths and family input.

Goals that the children will develop include:

  • Becoming comfortable and confident with the room routine

  • Becoming self-reliant to select and complete activities

  • Learn basic verbal skills to communicate effectively with peers

  • Show emerging skills in literacy and mathematics

  • Learning about the environment and sustainability

  • Engaging with the wider community

  • Respect and care for room environment and materials

  • Participate and engage in play with other children, showing the ability to cooperate, share, take turns and develop social skills

  • Separate confidently from parents and guardians

  • Show feelings towards others and their belongings

  • Participate in pack away routines

  • Follow instructions and develop self-help skills

  • Follow the room indoor/outdoor limits and often guide peers

  • Becoming attentive during group times, listening and participating in discussions

  • Use of manners and being respectful during social situations

  • Becoming independent in managing personal hygiene needs

  • Having the confidence to express individuality through the arts For example: drama, music, art and craft

  • Exploring the natural environment

  • Developing gross motor skills and physical abilities

It’s our aim for all children to have fun and be a part of all the fantastic experiences that are on offer at Growin Early Education Centres.

Our Philosophy is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia as well as the educator’s beliefs and ideas on early childhood education and care.

Each element of the Philosophy is interwoven and cannot be viewed as a stand-alone entity.