Early Education Programs

​"The research clearly demonstrates high-quality early childhood opportunities help children succeed." - Tim Kaine
​Nursery - Aged 0-2 Years

​Babies are born learning. Very young children are learning through play, the active exploration of their environment, and, most importantly, through interactions with Growin educators in their lives.

Growin Early Education will focus on

  • Providing a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment

  • Fostering the development of language and social skills

  • Fostering a sense of belonging and trust in their world

  • Developing confidence in their emerging abilities

  • Developing gross motor coordination and fine motor skills

  • Offering opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks

​Toddler - Aged 2-3 Years


​Growin Early Education provides a safe, nurturing environment for children. We offer stimulating activities and experiences that will help your child develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially during these very important early years in preparing them for their preschool years.


Through a hands-on approach your child will enjoy a balance of teacher directed experiences as well as opportunities for exploration and discovery. Our small teacher/child ratio allows for lots of personal connections with each child to ensure happy, enriching days. 

Growin Early Education will focus on​

  • Providing a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment

  • Fostering the growth of functional independence and autonomy

  • Developing children’s sense of confidence, self-identity, and belonging

  • Promoting respect for diversity and their environment

  • Refining gross motor coordination and fine motor skills

  • Encouraging children to develop skills and processes such as critical thinking and experimentation

  • Fostering the development of effective communication skills

Kindy - Aged 3-6 Years


​Growin Early Education program offers a blended curriculum so that your child experiences both left and right brain activities. You can discover areas of interest that you would never have realized at home. This includes areas of strengths as well as areas that may need focus. The exposure to a variety of teachers and other children set a solid foundation for future development within your child.

Growin Early Education will focus on

  • Building children’s background knowledge and thinking skills

  • Checking children’s progress

  • Communicating with parents and caregivers

  • Creating a learning environment for young children

  • Helping children develop listening and speaking skills

  • Reading aloud to children

  • Teaching children about books

  • Teaching children about letters

  • Teaching children about numbers and counting

  • Teaching children about print

  • Teaching children about the sounds of spoken language