Educational Curriculum

Growin Early Education Centres Educational Curriculums are child interest driven, situation oriented teaching concepts. Educators reflect on ways that a child’s interests, strengths, experiences, culture, family and spirit can be explored to provide the children with endless learning opportunities! Educators act upon spontaneous experiences as well as providing intentional teaching experiences aimed at developing skills for each age group. We appreciate parent feedback and input into our educational Curriculum and would love any thoughts or ideas you would like to share.

Daily reports can be found on our Kindy hub app which is used to record daily group/individual experiences which can be viewed by parents. We also have a Curriculum Plan which educators use to record daily experiences and how these are being extended upon through intentional teaching to provide learning opportunities for the children.

We encourage parents to share their family stories via our Kindy hub app to record special moments that can be shared with the group to get to know your child and family better and to be used to provide a variety of educational experiences.

Each child is given a portfolio and a scrapbook which records their time at Growin Early Education Centres and contains developmental observations, photos, art pieces and special memories. This portfolio and scrapbook is available to you at all times and is yours to keep when you finish your time with Growin Early Education Centres.