Behaviour Management

At Growin Early Education Centres we will ensure that the guidance of children’s behaviour will reflect the Philosophy of our company, and that the child will be given positive guidance towards behaviour that is acceptable.

The behaviour guidance we provide children with will be guided by the following practices:

  • Our service will encourage children to engage in cooperative and pro-social behaviour and express their feelings and responses to others’ behaviour confidently and constructively, including challenging the behaviour of other children when it is disrespectful or unfair.

  • Our educators will support children to explore different identities and points of view and to communicate effectively when resolving disagreements with others.

  • Our educators will discuss emotions, feelings and issues of inclusion and fairness, bias and prejudice and the consequences of their actions and the reasons for this as well as the appropriate rules.

  • Our educators will encourage children to listen to other children’s ideas, consider alternate behaviour and cooperate in problem solving situations.

  • Our educators will listen empathetically to children when they express their emotions, reassure them that it is normal to experience positive and negative emotions and guide children to remove themselves from situations where they are experiencing frustration, anger or fear.

  • Our educators will support children to negotiate their rights and rights of others and intervene sensitively when children experience difficulty in resolving a disagreement.

  • Our educators will learn about children’s relationships with others and the relationship preferences they have and use this knowledge to support children manage their own behaviour and develop empathy.

  • Our educators will work with each child’s family and, where applicable, their school, to ensure that a consistent approach is used to support children with diagnosed behavioural or social difficulties.

  • Our service will collaborate with professionals or support agencies that work with children who have diagnosed behavioural or social difficulties to develop plans for the inclusion of these specific children. These will be kept in the individual child’s file.

  • Our service will ensure that children are being allowed to make choices and experience the consequences of these choices when there is no risk of physical or emotional harm to the child or anyone else.

  • Our service will ensure that children are being acknowledged when they make positive choices in managing their behaviour.

  • Our educators will use positive language, gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice when redirecting or discussing children’s behaviour with them. They will also remain calm, gentle, patient and reassuring even when children strongly express distress, frustration or anger.

  • Our educators will guide all children’s behaviour in ways that are focused on preserving and promoting children’s self-esteem as well as supporting children to develop skills to self-regulate their behaviour.

  • Our educators will speak in comforting tones and hold babies to soothe them when they are distressed.

  • We will have strategies in place to involve children in developing behaviour limits and the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. Strategies will also be put in place for educators to manage situations when a child’s behaviour is particularly challenging and when families have different expectations from the service in relation to guiding children’s behaviour.

  • Our service will support educators to enhance their skills and knowledge in relation to guiding children’s behaviour.